About us

Raja TILES are here to bowl you over with the mystic charm created by the exotic, artistic designs, fancifully, created over any wall anywhere. From making MURALS adorning the exteriors of Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Educational Institutes Subways, Metro Stations, Stadiums, to decorating the interiors of Homes, Farm Houses, Offices, Swimming Pools in innovative styles. Raja TILES has been aptly meeting the challenge put forth by modern architecture which is earnestly on the lookout for new concepts in construction/decoration and that too in Style of your own.These Hand Made Tiles, Murals – in dark bright colours as well as in light pastels shades, in moulded designs or ‘Jaalis’, Roofng Tiles, are exclusively made to suit individual’s requirement. The numerous colours and various shaped MURAL Tiles are available to give vent to your aesthetic, artistic and creative instincts; at whatever heights your imagination can take you to, as these can be used effectively and conveniently to give expression to you creativity. Raja TILES are here to tastefully enhance the look, not only of exteriors but also of interiors with one color scheme or different designs/MURALS like artistic formation.

Raja TILES deserve a look before you decide for  partitions,Roofing  or for “ FINISH “ of your walls . Raja TILES ever on the trail of innovative ideas and with there peculiar artistic sense and creative instinct . Raja TILES have made such possible vast application of handmade ceramic murals Art Glazed Tiles.Owning   to our spell bounding varieties and designs, we have won the trust of our customers not only in India, but all over the world.

Raja TILES are the only Hand Made Tiles available in the market which are Double Fired and Quality is a hallmark at Raja TILES, and is never compromised under any circumstances. Stringent quality control management techniques are incorporated at all levels of production to ensure fabrication of only quality Tiles. A team of quality inspectors keep a strict vigil during the process and check for any loopholes. The Final produce is put through a series of tests to determine their strength and only 100%  Fit  goods are allowed to be dispatched for sale into the  market.

All the industrial norms and international quality standards are diligently followed at all times. All the Tiles manufactured at our factory are tested and certified by Govt. Approved Testing Agencies.

We are backed by a sound and robust infrastructure, which is the back bone of our organization. Our craftsman is an artistic bunch. They think out of the box to come up with exquisite designs, which are highly appealing. Each Tile is pressed, glazed and sealed by hand. Our Hand Made Tiles are manufactured at our two fully equipped manufacturing units at Noida and Faridabad (India). Your search would surely end at the Exclusive  showrooms  of Raja TILES for the best alternative you have ever thought of. Choose ceramic. Raja TILES  once and enter in to bargain of life time. You would not  have to think    about  Painting of  your walls    for the rest of your life as  Raja TILES would take care of your walls  FOREVER.\